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Warrnambool St Ayles Skiff Club We are building our second skiff. Patrick Groot Contact
Spire Community Spire community is an endeavour of the Clayton Church in Norwood SA. Its intention is the provision of activities and projects which bring together people who are marginalised from other members of the community. A particular focus is refugees. A strong support community, developed through shared projects and activities, ensures refugees are welcomed and assisted to integrate well. The building of the skiff is part of the activity of the Clayton community.
The boatbuilding group meets Fridays but all are free to contribute at other times
Robert Ayliffe Contact
Geelong Diversitat Diversitat communities are excited to be a part of the The Geelong St Ayles Skiff Community Project; with communities coming together to build the first two of a planned ten St Ayles Skiffs. The first two boats are being built side-by-side at the Deakin Univerversity Waterfron Campus. The building project has been a perfect platform around which to gather our many, diverse cultural communities in activities which show the amazing depth of cultures that we have in this town.
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Peter Doyle Contact
St Ayles Skiff Coastal Rowing Williamstown We are a small group of women from the local area who were inspired by WOW in Franklin. We have raised money via fundraising, and local support and grants. We meet at Seaworks Nelson Place Williamstown on a Thursday night for the build between 6 and 9 pm. Our official meetings are every second month on the first Tuesday of the month but venue varies.
We welcome new members and at present are a women only build.
Jane Howard Contact
Marlo Coastal Rowing Club David Craigie Contact
The Lake Macquarie Classic Boat Association Our boatsheds are in the Rathmines Memorial Park at the World War II Catalina Base. We have 54 members and work on a dozen boat projects. Most of our members are retired from regular work, we meet each Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Bill Coote Contact